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The economics of growing African nations place demands for improved social services for its citizens. Africa is developing into a thriving and expanding nation due to the discovery and harvesting of new natural resources including oil and copper. The increasing demand for electricity and the scarcity of resources for investment in costly power generation have further increased barriers to providing light in Africa. The lack of lighting infrastructure stems from a shortage of power production capacity and power distribution avenues. One proven solution to this problem is to provide reliable bright lighting through solar powered roadway lights.

TP Series with Cobrahead DSC at fueling base.
AL Series is the perfect roadway lighting system. Roadways have less accidents with Sol's reliable lighting.

Road safety at night

Where statistics are available from developing countries, crashes cost developing nations US$65 billion - more than double the amount of annual development assistance received. Source: Jacob, Aeron-Thomas, 2000: The World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention

Road Traffic Injuries (RTIs)  kill 1.2 million lives and seriously injure 20-50 million per year. Rates are rapidly increasing in developing countries and is expected to rise 87% by 2020. Source: World Health Report 2004 

These figures also show that night-time accidents are, on average, more severe, and the percentage of fatalities increases at night. Any improvements to the visibility of the road, its features, the vehicles on it- including pedestrians, cyclists, animals and carts - is likely to improve the overall accident record. CIE 180:2007 Road Transport Lighting for Developing Countries

Advantages of Solar Lighting

Sol’s easy to assemble lighting systems allows local labor to deploy and install in practically any location with no trenching, wiring, and connection to the grid making it quick, flexible and economical.

Proper lighting reduces vehicle and pedestrian accidents. Lighting decreases crime because villagers and police can see any criminal activity which may have been shrouded in darkness in the past.

Along roadways where solar lights are installed, economic and social activity increase near the lights. Having well-lit roads allow the work day to be extended because buses and cars can operate more safely. Villagers gather longer to socialize and many times students sit nearby to study longer helping them to achieve higher grades and opportunities for further education and jobs. Finally, there is a decrease in urban migration because villages now have the same commercial advantages and comforts of safety and security as their city counterparts

Solar Water Pumping Systems

Lift up to 20 m65 ft65 ft
Flow rate up to 5.0 m3/h1,330 US Gal./h1,110 UK Gal./h
12-24 V DC

The Enphase Microinverter

Enphase has pioneered a new approach to managing solar power that makes solar systems smarter and more efficient.

Traditionally, solar panels are connected together in series circuits fed into a single, central inverter device. This means that one inverter controls tens, hundreds or even thousands of solar panels as if they are one unit operating at the same power level. This approach reduces the overall system efficiency and limits the available information about individual panel health.

Enphase replaces these large central inverters with small micro-electronics that attach to each solar panel. These devices, known as microinverters, allow each panel to operate independently, leading to significant improvements in energy production and adding a new layer of intelligence throughout the system

The Enphase System

Each Microinverters integrates with advanced networking technology and web-based software to enable new levels of intelligence and connectivity in the solar array.

Specifically, the Enphase Microinverter System consists of the following components:

  • The Microinverter that connects to each solar module and converts DC power to grid-compliant AC power
  • The Envoy Communications Gateway that networks with each microinverter and transmits performance information to the internet
  • The Enlighten software where Enphase customers can monitor and manage their solar power systems 24 hours a day

Source: www.enphase.com 



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 Wind Energy

This spherical and virtually silent wind turbine is characterized by the curved rotor blades, which are attached to the rotor hub at both ends. When the Energy Ball® rotor turns it resembles an elongated sphere. This unique feature causes the wind to move parallel to the rotor hub through the rotor. This wind flow pattern forms a key contrast with classic sphere shaped Darrieus turbines, whereby the wind hits the blades perpendicular to the rotor shaft or rotor hub.

Due to the unusual and exceptional aerodynamic characteristics of the Energy Ball®, it creates a wind flow pattern that converges first and is then accelerated through the rotor, resembling the rapids in a river (the so-called Venturi effect). This translates into a higher aerodynamic efficiency compared to conventional wind turbine designs.

The Energy Ball® begins operating at very low wind speeds (2 m/s) and produces electricity at 3 m/s, which results in a very low standstill time.  The lightweight design of the Energy Ball? allows for multiple residential configurations. The fact that the noise level is not detectable above the background noise is a very favorable feature for residential and commercial areas.



  • Easy to install
  • Facilitate troubleshooting
  • Low cost
  • Monitor and manage  power systems 24 hours a day